It’s always inspiring to see loving couples holding hands and looking at each other with wide smiles. This scene makes you think about the best and the most positive sides of life. It makes you fall in love again and again, be kind to each other and appreciate people surrounding you.
The following story is a beautiful example. The love story of Emil & Nare, who are so passionate about each other, about life, about what they’re doing!

Emil & Nare are common people with an interesting lifestyle. Sharing the same habits, they’re very positive towards life.They’re fond of traveling all over the world, sharing their impressive experience in the blog they run. They like creating tasty food with their own recipes (by the way, they’re vegan ;)).

Emil & Nare got married on the 9th of June, 2019. All the guests enjoyed the Armenian traditional dances and songs. They witnessed what the European wedding with Armenian traditions looks like from the beginning to the end. The solemn ritual of wedding blessing took place in St. Grigor Lusavorich church. 

Wedding Style, Music, Venue

Everything was done for the guests to enjoy time to the fullest extent. It was a majestic ceremony with grandeur white wedding style. A scent of art was included in any smallest detail creating eye-catching chain of white design elements. 
Many inspiring components spoke about the finest taste of the couple. White flower compositions were placed everywhere creating a nature calming effect. It became a marvelous place for making great photos. 
From the smallest wedding souvenirs and creative globus on tables to the directive wedding boards and cake decorations with astonishing design, everything was so charming everybody would remember that day for a long time! This wedding was a bright implementation of white wedding ideas.
The other enchanting factor was the rightly-chosen DJ Guevo and music band: The Band, that rocked all the time with tasteful music .
The evening wedding banquet was held in Tsirani Garden. A beautiful restaurant, with splendid decoration solutions. It’s one of the most popular wedding venues in Yerevan. Couples adore this garden-style restaurant, as it has a magnificent view and is quite near Yerevan.

Who charms the dance floor?

Once the official part of the wedding was gone, the most interesting one started. Let’s see the first wedding dance. It’s romantic, isn’t it? Smiles, tears, laughs, hugs, kisses, and emotional flare no one can avoid. 
But wait, who is dancing so passionately? Of course, the grandma, who has invaded the dancefloor with her charm and beauty! Let all of us be a little of this grandma full of energy and joyful spirit!
The picnic is at its peak, everybody – dancing like crazy, drunk in love and a little good alcohol 😉 
The time has come for those with a sweet tooth. The cake! The moment so desired and lovely. Let your life be as sweet as this wedding beautiful white cake!

Did you like this wedding style?

You already noticed how fun the wedding in Armenia can be. How blissful and cheerful it can pass.
Armenia has become one of the most attractive wedding destinations recently. Many couples are yearning to celebrate this big day in Armenia. The wedding planning in Armenia is more affordable, there are many charming places and available venues. In Armenia it’s possible to find high skilled specialists ready to realize any crazy idea!

But how you’re going to show all this to your grandchildren? With stunning photos, of course. So the couple relied this responsible job on Euphoria Team’s wedding photographers in Yerevan, who are always there to take the nicest shots.

After all, you will have something amazing for the next generation!

P.S. Emil & Nare have moved to Armenia after the wedding and decided to live in a cozy place somewhere in nature.

March 19, 2020