Our Pre-wedding Adventure | Armenia, Ijevan, Yenokavan  

It was 6 in the morning when we started our journey to Ijevan with David and Lousine, a month before their wedding. The mountainous road was foggy, so we took a rest and had some fresh hot coffee. There were also some cute dogs in the area, which we were happy to pet! Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to take a walk, check out the breathtaking scenery, and breathe the refreshing cool air while taking some pictures here and there during our trip. This little pre-wedding photography session was perfect for the couple, because they got to experience the process firsthand. It was also a great opportunity for us in building rapport with our couple, which is very important when it comes to planning weddings! We got to hear their ideas, they got to hear ours, and we helped them organize their perfect dream wedding, as well as an amazing love story photoshoot in Armenia, all while having a fantastic time in Ijevan!

Armenia, the ideal location for a wedding!
Ijevan, with its mountainous view and fresh air, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Armenia. Of course, we don’t actually have icebergs here, but we do have a lot of breathtaking locations which are ideal for a beautiful, scenic destination wedding, as well as wedding or engagement photography! You can also visit these areas for tourism, and enjoy the nature, the fresh oxygen, and extreme entertainment.
Ijevan is just one of the best places to visit in Armenia!

Euphoria promises a euphoric experience in Armenia!
Make a trip to Armenia, and together we’ll venture into the most beautiful (and hidden!) locations in this ancient country! On top of that, we’ll help you plan your ultimate wedding, capture your most beautiful moments, and make sure your stay in Armenia is worthwhile! You can visit our Gallery section to view wedding photoshoots in Armenia with our previous clients, and you can reach Euphoria by hovering over to our Contact section! We hope to see you here soon!

January 29, 2019