I am Ruben, Euphoria Team’s photographer, who is fascinated by immortalizing the exact time at the exact place making unforgettable moments come along with you during your whole lifetime.

My endeavors in the photography take me to the different enchanting corners of the world, giving the broad opportunity to have new pleasant experiences capturing the beauty of those places as well as getting acquainted with charismatic people like Lorenzo and Severine, and, of course, their beautiful daughter-Olivia Rose…


The advantage of being a family photographer…

This is a story about an Italian-Belgian family, which strives for taking the best from this life, excels at being a stylish and harmonious meanwhile yearning for travelling and making connections with new people.

Italian Family walking on the Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Lorenzo, a loving husband and a caring father, works in digital marketing and says,- ‘My passion is amateur photography as it gives me the opportunity to enhance the beauty around and express my silent feelings through photos․ It helps me stay in peace and tranquility with myself and surrounding ’ 🙂


Severine, this charming lady, apart from bringing up her cute baby girl, dedicates the rest of the time to journalism running a blog about luxury fashion and refined lifestyle (www.hapax.co.uk).

She says,- ‘I am so grateful for the life I have: looking after my baby girl as much as I do and working on interesting projects. I never stop seeking lifestyle inspiration and love traveling as a family’.


But certainly the most meaningful core of this family is adorable and positive Olivia Rose, a city girl who enjoys playing in the big parks of London and is fascinated by jungle animals. This dreamy girl expresses herself like,- ‘I am really fond of all things Italian-ice cream, pasta & pizza and can taste them whenever I am offered to! 🙂


Reflecting love, harmony and innocence…
One cannot deny, that after seeing this attractive couple, it could be more than difficult not to make a family photoshoot in romantic Florence. How much sense and feelings these photos involve but how simple and natural all they are, just reflecting themselves in photos.


So we got the best experience to have the family photoshoot with this admiring couple in one of the gorgeous places of Florence like Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge, the everlasting symbol of Florence. These photos express the sincere feelings of the wonderful couple and this profound perception becomes more emphasized due to the magnificent view of the bridge.

Family Photoshoot in Florence, Italy, Ponte Vecchio old bridge

Then, captivated in our cheerful photo session, we found ourselves in The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (known simply as the Duomo) which is the city's most recognizable attraction and religious center, occupying the Piazza del Duomo in the heart of the city. Though our family photoshoot with Lorenzo, Severine and Olivia Rose does not even concede with its attractiveness and charm, transmitting the sense of love and respect and revealing their affection towards art, architecture and anything comprised of elegance. For example, Severine, being so tasteful in estimating the refined art, is obsessed with examining the masterpieces on the grandiose buildings and the images reflected on them.


Finally, we walked to the Piazza della Signoria, the most famous square in Florence, which is situated halfway between the Duomo and the River Arno, where our little Olivia passed a really joyful time enjoying her lovely italian ice-cream and making fun of taking a pony ride on a carousel 🙂


It would be definitely more than pleasing to finalize the splendid impressions of the Family Photoshoot day in one of the cosy places in Florence having supper with this magical family, but due to the overloaded agenda we had, we missed that catchy chance, but ready and convinced in the future reunion in somewhere in this world…, be it England, Italy or wherever possible 😉


As a happy end to this sweet story, it’s worth mentioning that Florence, Tuscany, is one of the most amorous places in the world offering exceptional views and places of interest to those who seek to create a family album or do a wedding or pre wedding photoshoot and this can be proved by the best family and wedding photographers in the world. So, if you are wondering about how to find a family or wedding photographer in Tuscany, or somewhere else, you are more than welcome to contact us.

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Best Moments

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November 15, 2019