About Documentary Wedding Photography

The Beauty of Documentary Wedding Photography

Every wedding deserves to be spectacular in its way. For the couple, it is the most important day of their life, and they want it covered in a way that they can get to relive the moments any time they go through the photos and videos that were taken at that time. Documentary wedding photography is unique in a way. It is all about avoiding any attention that might have an impact on the day's activities. The main essence of this approach is to let the couple and guests enjoy themselves without noticing that there was a photographer around. This is why working with Euphoria makes the wedding better in various ways because not only do our photographers stay out of your way but also guarantee you quality service.

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As opposed to regular wedding photography, our goal is to bring you the best and offer a specific level of clarity that cannot be found elsewhere. You will also love a friendly staff and our positive attitude with our clients. It is all about partnership and coming together so we can make your dreams come true we are dedicated to listen and do as you wish to ensure that what you get exceeds your expectation. We have been doing this for an extended period, which has helped us gain extensive knowledge and experience in documentary photography.

What it entails ?

Documentary wedding photography is an observational approach and is entirely based on recording the genuine and unsuspecting moments that occur during the wedding day. The good thing with this photography is the authenticity and honesty of scenes conveyed in the wedding day photos, and at euphoria, you are assured of getting in touch with professionals that will leave you satisfied. They ensure everything is real and enables photography collections that record exactly how the wedding unveiled.

Why you should choose this kind of photographer ?

A wedding photographer and videographer in this type of photography are usually concerned with photographing everything within context to be able to bring forth the actual story and atmosphere of the day. Through their work, one needs no explanation of anything after going through documented photos and videos.

Reportage wedding photography or photojournalist wedding photography pays attention to all the details of that day. It includes covering from pre-wedding nerves, the joy of getting married from the couple to sad moments in between that may be brought by the absence of a family member or friend as well as the dancing and awesome moments at the end which sums up the importance of the day in a nutshell

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The following are some reasons you should consider documenting your wedding;

Provides one of a kind memories

Going through photos or videos of arguably the most important day of your life reminds you of exactly what you were feeling at that moment. It is like reliving that time once more.

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You get to see some things you never knew happened at your wedding

We'll all agree the bride and groom have their schedule filled up and are the busiest people in any wedding. As such, many things get to slip through their hands but thanks to this photography they can go through some of the moments after the marriage is over.

Enables capture of raw emotions

There's nothing quite attractive as seen the behavior of newlyweds. Everything they do is firsthand, and there is so much emotion, and nothing is staged at that time. These type of photography gets the real behavior of the couple.


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It is convenient for those that are camera shy

It can be scary being aware that you are going to get photographed all day and sometimes you might want to hide from the attention. Being told to pose or smile at the camera is not something many people love, and that's the beauty of documenting a wedding comes in. Everything is covered without your knowledge.

Weddings are beautiful and very important days, especially for couples. Many of them want to have their day recorded correctly so that they can relive every moment. It is also why wedding cinematography is increasing becoming preferred these days. You get to see what you said or were told, and the whole experience is so thrilling you feel like you getting married a fresh.  Documenting your wedding is an excellent idea worth considering.

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